Overwatch Switch Review

Overwatch Switch Review

Technical issues make Overwatch on Switch a less satisfying way to play one of the most satisfying games ever.


Overwatch is finally out on the Switch, and I have been loving it so far, but for different reasons. This version of the game brings us something that no other platform can provide… but it also has some draw backs. So today I review Overwatch on the Switch to hopefully help you decide if it’s right for you!

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Overwatch (Switch) Review

The Nintendo Reviewer shoots, slices and rolls his way through Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch.
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Rated T for Teen

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Is Overwatch Worth It In 2022? (Review)

Should You buy Overwatch in 2022?

Overwatch has recently gained a lot of traction due to the overwatch 2 beta being released and well the beta hasn’t been received positively because it does look like overwatch 1.2 but because of this I have seen a few people asking if overwatch is even worth buying in 2022 and I have been playing it quite a bit since the start of 2022 so here we are. Revive the magic of wolfenstein 3d online game: Instantly play your favorite titles online.
Lets find out if Overwatch is a game you should buy in 2022. This was a little tough to review since Overwatch is clouded in mix opinions of masterpiece and absolute hatred so check out other
reviews other than mine to make your decision.

Overwatch is a competitive shooter which allows you to pick heroes in specific roles like dps tank and support.
Overwatch has been out since 2016 so is Overwatch really worth buying in 2022 nearly 6 years later?
It’s been weird making this overwatch review mainly because i love and hate overwatch.
Overwatch has it’s highs but also many lows so even i was interested to see what i truly thought about overwatch in this review.

So lets find out if Overwatch is worth buying in 2022.

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I played Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch..

Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch is.. interesting.. If you want more SWITCH content absolutely drop a like, comment and SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

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